Manning's Pit from 1768 -1931

historical map of Manning's Pit
Adapted OpenStreetMap                                       Scale: it would be about 400 metres from position A to Manning's Pit bridge


Light grey coloured areas   =   countryside that remains today

Dark grey coloured areas   =   built up area today,

A =   Broadgate Villa, home of Munro family, including H H Munro (Saki) as a boy

B and C  =  Broadgate House, home of F R Lee, R.A.and also Colonel Hugh Hibbert and Sarah Catherine Hibbert (daughter of F R Lee)

D  =   2 Bellaire Cottages, home of widowed Sarah Hibbert from 1919 -1931, visited by Henry Williamson and his wife, her  granddaughter.

E  =    approximate location of J M W Turner's uncle house

F   =   29 Pilton Street, home of butcher, grocer, auctioneer and local politician ,Benjamin Manning. He retained links with Church after moving down into Barnstaple. All his children were baptised there, and there is a family grave in Pilton Churchyard..

Church of St Mary the Virgin, attended by the Munro family, the Hibbert family and the Manning family. (Turner's Uncle and F R Lee may also have attended, but not verified as yet.)   The Hibberts and Munros would take the same route to and from Church on Sundays, up the beginnings of Dark Lane, then Church Lane, then Bellaire.  Ethel Munro wrote of walking back from church with various neighbours.  Colonel and Mrs Hibbert had several of their children baptised at Pilton Church and are buried there.

 H  = Longstone House, where Amelia Griffiths, known as The Queen Of Seaweed. was born in 1768 and brought up until her marriage in 1794.