Manning's Pit Paintings
The Second Exhibition
January 2017

The Children's Competiton.

 Many thanks to our MP, Mr Peter Heaton-Jones who presented the prizes on the Saturday morning.

  A few of the prize winners were not able to be present on Saturday morning. They received their prizes

 in the afternoon,  from Tim Saunders and Christine Lovelock, the Exhibition Organisers.

Christine Lovelock with Tannsy Ward
Christine Lovelock with Tansy Ward,
first prize in 0-5 age group.

Peter Heaton-Jones with Dylan Knox Bulpett
Peter Heaton-Jones with Dylan Knox Bulpett, first prize winner, 6 - 11 age group. .
Peter Heaton-Jones with Emma Baynham Smith
Peter Heaton-Jones with Emma Baynham Smith, second prize 6-11 group.
Peter Heaton-Jones and Rafe Bulpett
Peter Heaton-Jones with
Rafe Bulpett, second prize 0-5 age group
Peter Heaton-Jones with Charlote Sanders
Peter Heaton-Jones with Charlotte Sanders 4th prize 6-11 age group.
Tim Saunders with Louis Woodcock
Tim Saunders with Louis Woodock
third prize 6- 11 age group

Peter Heaton-Jones and another entrant in the
Peter Heaton-Jones kneeling down
 to look more closely at another painting, with Chloe Baynham Smith.
Manning's Pit by Megan Cameron
Manning's Pit, by Megan Snowden
 aged 13,
winner of first prize in the 12-16
age group
Chrisitne Lovelock with Alex Ward
Christine Lovelock with Alex Ward, third prize 0-5 age group

Paintings in the Main Exhibition

Manning's Pit by Anne Beer
Manning's Pit Meadow  by Anne Beer
acrylic on canvas
Al Brown painting Gateway at Manning's Pit
Gateway at Manning's Pit by Al Brown
watercolour and acrylic
Manning's Pit by Tim Saunders
Manning's Pit by Tim Saunders

Anchor Mill in the snow, from Manning's Pit by
                  Chrstine Lovelock
Anchor Mill in the snow, from Manning's Pit by Christine Lovelock
Pastel from about 2002
By Manning's Pit Bridge - Ian Scott
By Manning's Pit Bridge
Ink and wash by Ian Scott
from some time ago
Manning's Pit Bridge -n 1980 by Peter Squire
Manning's Pit Bridge by Peter
Squire,  acrylic, painted in 1980

Manning's Pit wildlife by Megumi Cox
Manning's Pit Wildlife
 by Megumi Cox, mixed media

Old Hedgerow by Sheena Ferguson
Old Hedgerow, by Sheena Ferguson,
acrylic on board

Sweet Meadow River by Pat Wallace
Sweet Meadow River
 by Pat Wallace, oil on canvas

These are a few of the paintings in the Exhibition, many artists put in several works. Some of them may be for sale, please email us from the Home Page link
if you want to know details about this.

Kingfisher by Rosie Usher
Kingfisher, by Rosie Usher
acrylic on canvas