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The Inaugural Manning's Pit

Poetry Competition

Highly Commended

Manning's Pit by Anne Beer
Manning's Pit by Anne Beer

Anne Beer

We do not yet have a photograph of Anne, but she has been a very strong supporter of our campaign, and her paintings were in both of our Art Exhibitions. She paints mainly in pastels and had been a successful artist for many years. She has also won several prizes for her writing, both with short stories and poems.  She lived in Pilton until recently but now lives in Hele Bay.

Anne's Poem

Manning's Pit Fever

I must go down to The Pit again, to that lovely magic place
And all I ask are the tall trees, the wind upon my face
And wild sounds as the grass browns with the seasons turning
And a bright sun on the stream's face and a new day dawning.

I must go down to The Pit again, for the pull of that lonely place
Is a strong pull and a strange pull and you feel it pace by pace
And all I ask is a calm day with the Buzzards crying
Oér the warm wood, and the mossed trees and branches sighing.

I must go down to The Pit again, to the wandering way of life
To the track's way, and the path's way, ridding my soul of strife
And all I ask is a peaceful time, a gate to lean over
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream in a field full of clover.