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The Inaugural Manning's Pit

Poetry Competition

Third Prize (12 -18 age group)

We do not have a photograph of Lily but hope to get one,
 as well as more information about Lily..

Lily Gentry (aged 17)

South Gloucestershire

and Stroud College

Lily's Poem

The Forest of Dean

The forest full of trees the height of giants,
Blocking anyway of communication,
From the intoxication of the busy city life.
The seasonal breeze drifts by,
As you wonder down the angelic nature trails,
With the seasonal presence passing you by,
The sounds of nature's chorus,
Soothing the sould and the distant noises,
Of friends and families,
Enjoying their day,
The lights from the every glowing orb in the sky,
Create little pools of crystals on the floor through the trees.

Butterfly image