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The Inaugural Manning's Pit
Poetry Competition

Highly Commended

Richard Westcott by Chris Chapman

Richard Westcott (South Molton)

photo by Chris Chapman

After a fulfilled life as a north Devon GP, Richard Westcott now happily finds he's got more time to devote to writing. He's had poems published in various anthologies and magazines, as well as a wide range of places (including the Mary Evans Poetry Blog, Lighten Up Online, the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, and a wall in Exeter university), and won a few prizes here and there. His critically acclaimed "There they live much longer" is  published by  Indigo Dreams, and he blogs at www.richardwestcottspoetry.com.
He plays an active part in the north Devon music scene and being never happier than when out and about with family, friends and Tim, a Jack Russell, certainly appreciates how people feel about Mannings Pit.

Richard's Poem

Manning's Pit

Rights and Wrongs

The ancient oak tree bursting its bank
the scruffy blue rope that swings in the wind
the not-very special edge of town fields
and the dog-walker wanging his ball...

The criss-crossing sheep grazing the hill
the osprey that someone once saw, it was said
the stickle-backs old men tell tales about
and the lone jogger deep in his thoughts...

The muddy old path winding round puddles
the little brown birds that sing in the hedge
the stream uncertain which way to bend
and the children who splash in the water...

The falling-out stones from the crumbling bank
the herons like soldiers waiting their turn
the untidy ivy clothing the tree
and the old man, very slow with his stick...

All have the right to be where they are
let them be, let them be, let them be...


(This poem is made from observations and comments
in the film made by Martin Kemp)