The Friends of Manning's Pit

April 2022 -This page is being updated, a new page will be online shortly.

Our Policies

Our aim when we were set up in 2015 was to save and protect Manning's Pit. By Manning's Pit, we meant the area of land that was described as Lot 2 (Land at Windsor Road) and was purchased by a London-based firm at the auction on 27th October 2015.

In the 2015 map below, the land for sale was outlined in red. While we were successful in purchasing the land on the side of the river closest to the town, we were not able to purchase the field known as the Rope Swing field on the other side of the river. We were however able to negotiate permission for people to walk along the river bank in this field.

Map of Manning's Pit

The Friends of Manning's Pit group have a single focus and do not oppose building applications anywhere else.

Supporters can of course oppose any other application as a personal matter, but they must not do this using the name of our group – unless the group's policy on this matter changes.

We are non-political.
We welcome people from all political parties and will work with all politicians who support us.

No personal, inflammatory or defamatory attacks on any person or any organisation are to be made in the name of the group.

All the Manning's Pit fields must be treated with respect due to the land, the wildlife or any farm animals within the fields.  A list of rules is on our info page, and on the signs at each entrance to the area.

The land that adjoins the Manning's Pit fields must also be treated with respect by all our supporters.  This adjacent land (which includes footpaths to Tutshill Woods and Anchor Mill) is privately owned.

We reserve the right to add to or amend these policies if necessary.

Our Officers:

Chair:  Christine Lovelock
Secretary:  Katie Martin
Treasurer: Tim Saunders

Our Data Protection Policy